Apple once again challenges employees with Watch circles

It has become a tradition: every year Apple conducts a internal challenge among its employees and executives based on the Activity resources of the Apple Watch. The idea, of course, is to encourage everyone to start (or continue) to lead a healthier and busier life; who completes the challenge, takes exclusive gifts.

This year, as reported by the WatchGeneration, the challenge for employees will be valid throughout February and consist of a relatively simple objective: just complete, on all days of the month, the three rings of Watch activity (movement, exercises and standing time).

Employees and executives who meet the challenge will receive an exclusive Apple Watch bracelet (above) from the Sport Loop model, with colored plastic clasps and connectors in the same colors as the activity rings.

This is the third year that Apple has held an exclusive employee challenge. In 2018, Ma also presented the winners with an exclusive bracelet; j in 2017, those who completed the challenge won a t-shirt and pins Ma's specials.

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