Apple omits (PRODUCT) RED campaign when promoting red iPhone 7 in China; check out his unboxing! [atualizado]

Apple omits (PRODUCT) RED campaign when promoting red iPhone 7 in China; check out his unboxing! [atualizado]

With the launch of iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED, Apple yesterday started its biggest support famous AIDS campaign; this is because, since the company started to contribute to the cause, an iPhone that its main product never got a red version.

Now, the special edition of the device will be sold in several countries and the respective websites are already updated with the news; however, something very important is missing from the listing of devices on the China.

As pointed out by the TechCrunch, any and all references to the (PRODUCT) RED campaign have been omitted from Apple's Chinese page. And, before you might think it is something related to the language, the Taiwan website shows us that it's not okay to:

(PRODUCT) RED iPhone in China left, the website Taiwan; right, the China

Who follows the has seen Apple's efforts to reach the Chinese market. Investments in production lines and in research and development, as well as Tim Cook's constant visits to the country are proof of this. This week, the CEO of Apple even spoke at a conference there, talking about some sensitive issues and measuring every word so as not to damage the company's relationship with the market it so craves.

For these reasons, everything indicates that the choice of not referencing the campaign in the country was simply political. In China, AIDS had a large epidemic for a long time and the fact was just ignored, largely because of the prejudice that victims could suffer. Although recently the country has finally started fighting disease and has been successful, the theme still generates controversy and this is exactly what Ma wants to avoid.

The relationship with China is delicate, since it has the largest market in the world, but polemics like that of Trump and some patent struggles are constantly appearing. As the market is quite large, it would not be smart not to launch the red edition of the device; so it makes sense just to omit the support cause which, of course, does not mean that the income will not be properly converted.

(tip from Robson, via TechCrunch)

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Speaking of red iPhone, the product will be available for purchase only this Friday (24/3), but we can already see it outside the official photos of Apple at least, in video. O YouTuber Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) has already published a video with unboxing the device. Check out:

The matte finish (matte) seems to have really stayed in the very first row and the video clarifies a doubt of many about the rear apple; in the photos there was a certain doubt as to whether it was white or silver, but in the video you can see it well mirrored.

Brownlee raises a question that many of us ask ourselves when we see this red version of the iPhone: why is the front of it white instead of black? Would she look any better, like this?

And you, what do you think? 😉

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 03/22/2017 s 14:21

Even omitting the (PRODUCT) RED campaign on its Chinese website, Apple confirmed through a response from CEO Tim Cook himself to MacRumors donating to the Global Fund for all global sales of red 7/7 Plus iPhones.