Apple officially starts production of iPhones SE in India

Apple officially starts production of iPhones SE in India

Confirming earlier rumors, Apple today told the The Wall Street Journal that officially started the production of iPhones in India in partnership with manufacturer Wistron.

The first model to be produced locally is the iPhone SE contrary to what they claimed earlier, when they suggested that the first models would be the iPhones 6 and 6s; For these, there is still no confirmation that they will be manufactured in the country, either.

The first shipment of handsets will be distributed from the end of may and appear on store shelves the following week probably marked with a Assembled in India (“Mounted in India”) at the rear.

Third-party resellers in the country have already reduced their value by about $ 70. And since the company saves money by producing locally, the Indian government believes that the value of the device could decrease by about $ 100. Still, there is no price confirmation; If Apple can reduce them, it will certainly help to increase sales, something that Ma has been wanting for a long time because of the country's potential. If that happens and they get good numbers, maybe Apple could even start producing newer handsets there, like the iPhones 7/7 Plus.

Although Apple already has several projects in India, this manufacturing initiative in the country was a must. This is because, according to country law, a company can only open physical stores there if it has about 30% of the goods produced locally.

So far, Apple produces most of its iPhones in China and, as we know, some older models are also produced here in Brazil (at Foxconn de Jundia in So Paulo).

via 9to5Mac