Apple offers reimbursement to owners of 27-inch iMacs with defective screens

For users who have faced consecutive returns of 27-inch iMacs as a result of problems with their screens referring only to yellowish colors, Apple is offering a 15% refund on the amount paid for them.

The discovery was made by Gizmodo with information from a company service center located in Europe, which is handling a high number of repair requests for defective displays and cannot repair them at all.

The initiative is apparently only valid in cases where the customer wants to keep the machine affected by the problems, accepting to wait for the necessary components to arrive to repair the screens.

Anyone who wants to can also request a return of the product in exchange for its full value, as usual although many people are accepting the refund and agreeing to wait for the repairs.

Due to the fact that the delivery of the 27-inch iMacs is interrupted, the service centers are unable to fulfill the many requests for screen repairs, as the necessary components for this are also in short supply.

The case analyzed by the Gizmodo it is just one example: the technical assistance that delivered the details on the subject claimed to have 230 machines in the queue for repairs to yellowed screens, but is unable to repair any of them.

Although it has not been confirmed whether a reimbursement program is in progress in the United States, some users have already confirmed that they have received reimbursement for maintaining the machines and awaiting clarification on the problem.

At the moment, Apple is conducting an investigation to assess the case of yellowing of colors on the displays, suggesting to customers not to change machines until more details are revealed.

This investigation, however, no longer covers the problems of flickering screens, recently fixed by a firmware update.