New MacBook Pro Retina settings

Apple now offers more customization options for the MacBook Pro with Retina input screen

As everyone knows, Apple today offers two standard models of MacBooks Pro with Retina display. The difference between them, in addition to the price (hehe), is the processor (2.3GHz to 2.6GHz) and storage (256GB to 512GB).

But these basic configurations can be customized by users who are willing to pay even more for the laptop. The problem is that, until now, the entry model only allowed to double its RAM from 8GB to 16GB, while the other was much more flexible.

Today, Apple has changed that.

New MacBook Pro Retina settings

As you can see from the image, buyers of the incoming MacBook Pro Retina can now customize the machine as they see fit on the Apple Online Store order – replacing the processor, doubling the RAM and / or increasing the storage capacity of the flash drive.

I just didn’t understand one thing: changing the processor to 2.6GHz and the drive to 512GB we reached R $ 12,099 here in Brazil – a shot, I know, but still R $ 500 less than the standard model configured this way. Apple blunder or me who didn’t notice something important?

[via MacRumors]