Apple now lets you listen to podcasts directly over the web

Apple renewed this week's web podcasts, bringing the same foundation as the App Store interface introduced in January 2018.

As with Apple Music, new users will be able to listen to entire episodes of podcasts directly from their favorite browser. However, there is no complete player that allows you, for example, to advance to a certain part of the episode; we only have one button Play / Pause.

The pages were also much more visually pleasing and organized, indicating the titles and descriptions of each episode, as well as their duration. Below the list, we have reviews of "customers", then the top podcasts in the same category, and finally other podcasts that listeners of that category also accessed.

Gradually, Apple will also migrate all podcasts to a new subdomain within its site, rather than keeping everything under the old one more indication, after all, that iTunes Its days are numbered.

Anyone who wants to can check out the news by accessing the on Air by the browser. Still d of course to be taken to the podcast within the iTunes app with just one click.

via 9to5Mac