Apple now gives AirPods a free gift in its “Back to School” promotion

For hemispheric reasons, promotion “Back to School” of Apple in Brazil happens at the beginning of the year, while in the United States and Canada it starts now, in the middle of the year.

Around here, last January, Apple gave Beats gift earphones to university students, parents of students, teachers or employees of a recognized educational institution – as it had traditionally been doing in the latest promotions of this type. Now, in the USA, the offer has changed: Beats headphones leave the scene, AirPods!

When buying a Mac (MacBook Air / Pro, iMac or iMac Pro), educational customers save up to $ 200 – and can still save 20% on AppleCare +; when purchasing an iPad (iPad Pro or Air), the discount is up to $ 100 – also with a 20% discount on AppleCare +.

In all cases, customers take AirPods home with a free refill case. It is worth noting that the previous credit (at the time of the Beats headphones) was US $ 200; now, when giving AirPods, the value of the gift has dropped to $ 160.


Anyone who wants to can upgrade to AirPods with a wireless charging case (for $ 40) or even AirPods Pro (for $ 90).

Will we have the same offer in the next promotion “Volta às Aulas” in Brazil?

via MacRumors