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Apple now accounts for 94% of all global smartphone sales

Apple and Samsung have dominated global smartphone profits since 2012. The fact was repeated in 2013 and 2014, and evidently it would not be different in 2015. Or would it be?

Believe it or not, but Apple is managing to increase its share of the pie more and more.

Smartphone profit chart

According to research by Canaccord Genuity, Apple was left with absurdities 94% of global smartphone sales profits in the last quarter, against 85% a year ago (and 92% in the previous quarter). And that selling β€œonly” 14.5% in units.

Once again, only one other manufacturer also profited β€œwell” in the period: Samsung, with 11% (and 24.5% in units). Yes, Apple and Samsung together exceed 100% because other manufacturers have losses in the segment. Analyst Mike Walkley points out that HTC, BlackBerry, Sony and Lenovo have not been able to compete with top-of-the-line models, costing over $ 400.

Very crazy, that

(via AppleInsider)