Apple now accounts for 2.4 million US jobs

Apple now accounts for 2.4 million US jobs

From time to time, Apple issues a statement reminding how important it is to the US economy and to maintaining the jobs of countless people around the United States.

Today was no different: the Cupertino giant published a report on its press release page highlighting some of the key facets of its economic expansion and showing how the company fulfills its commitment to invest $ 350 billion in the US over the next few years.

Apple now claims to be directly or indirectly responsible for 2.4 million jobs around the US, almost four times the number eight years ago. There are 90,000 people hired directly by Ma in the country (with 20,000 additional jobs planned by 2023, including many in the new hub expansion in Seattle and its new campus in San Diego).

In addition, Apple has contracts with 9,000 suppliers around the US; These companies together have 450,000 employees. According to the Cupertino giant, about $ 60 billion was invested with these partners throughout 2018; Keeping up with the current pace, the promise of investing US $ 350 billion in the US by 2023 will be fulfilled with time off.

Moreover, the bulk of jobs held by Ma come from the vast community of developers working with App store: Currently, there are about 1.9 million job-type jobs, an increase of 325,000 in the last 30 months, according to Apple's own survey.

In Ma's report, some of the most prominent suppliers of the company are mentioned. One of them is Maccor, maker of battery testing systems founded by couple Andy and Helen MacKay who has worked with Apple for 15 years and employs over 130 people at a facility in San Jose, California.

Not bad at all?