Apple no longer requires Apple TV games to be compatible with Siri Remote

Apple no longer requires Apple TV games to be compatible with Siri Remote

When the Fourth generation Apple TV launched with tvOS and its app store, many thought that the games scenery would take off on Ma's TV platform. Time has passed and what we saw were some game releases, yes, but nothing in line with what most games we see are casual games, which are also very present on iOS. I venture to say that an Apple rule was largely responsible for this scenario: the need to create games compatible with the Siri Remote.

The new Apple TV controller is cool, but it is far from an accessory capable of bringing a worthy experience to gamers. In casual games, like the famous Crossy Road, everything works fine; but when we leave for something more “elaborate”, simply in d.

Apple recognized this and now, with the presentation of the tvOS 10, decided to change this rule.

SteelSeries Nimbus Control

In the Game Controls Programming Guide (Game Controller Programming Guide), the company made it clear that developers can create games which require MFi controls only, eliminating the need for them to be created also with Siri Remote in mind. Obviously Apple asks that the control that comes with Apple TVs be taken into account when possible, but the mandatory requirement is over.

Good news for gamers who bet on set-top box from Ma; it remains to be seen whether the gaming community now actually embraces Apple TV.

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On a related note, it is worth commenting on something here that gained rapid prominence in the presentation of WWDC 2016, but that is a great news for owners of fourth generation Apple TV. I speak of Apple TV Remote, which is in beta and available to developers.

Here's what Apple says about the app, in the release notes:

The new Apple TV Remote app is a great companion to Apple TV, offering the best of Siri Remote. With the Apple TV Remote, you'll never need to put your iOS device away while enjoying Apple TV. You can also use the app alongside Siri Remote to compete in games multiplayer.

Features include:

  • Touch TV browsing on Apple TV;
  • Ask Siri to find something cool to watch, listen to or play;
  • Dictate texts, including usernames and passwords;
  • Type texts with the keyboard;
  • Play using your iOS device's accelerometer and gyroscope;
  • Game mode with simplified game controls, available, keeping your iOS device in a horizontal orientation;
  • Control the movie, TV show or music that is playing on the screen.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will update the current Remote app (which also serves to control iTunes) or whether we are looking at an entirely new app.

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