Apple News + would be having trouble getting new subscribers

Of the three subscription services launched by Ma in 2019 (Apple News +, Apple Arcade and Apple TV +), the news platform that has had by far the most erased existence which is hardly a surprise considering that it is only available in three countries against the hundreds of territories of the other two services.

Still, according to CNBC, it seems that Apple has a problem with its hands: after raising 200,000 subscribers in 48 hours (an enviable fee for any paid online service), Apple News + at the has shown signs of growth in its user base since then. This of course lights a yellow light on Cupertino.

Citing sources close to the subject, the report states that Apple News + has generated $ 20-30,000 in monthly revenue for Apple, a much smaller number than originally forecast by Apple. It is not known whether the launch of the platform in the UK and Australia affected these numbers, or what proportion of the initial 200,000 subscribers of the service remained with paid subscription after the month of free testing.

If Apple News + is stumbling, the free, ad-serving version of the service (known only as Apple News) has had more encouraging results for Apple: According to sources, revenue from advertisers has been growing “slowly but consistently”. No specific numbers were shared, however.

The question now is what strategy Apple should take in this regard: An international expansion, as well as intensified disclosure, does not sound like bad ideas. Consideration should also be given to launching the "service pack" from Ma, which would bring together under a single subscription access to News +, Apple Music and Apple TV +.

If this brings some breath to Ma's news platform, we'll have to wait and see.

via 9to5Mac