Apple News + arrives in Australia and the UK with several local publications

Apple News + arrives in Australia and the UK with several local publications

THE Apple News + came to the world last March and won many followers in its first days of life, but it has, until today, been restricted to two countries: United States and Canada. Now, no more: finally, Apple’s “periodicals Netflix” is making its first expansion beyond North America, reaching the Australia and to United Kingdom.

In Australia, the service costs AU $ 14.99 per month (about R $ 42, in today’s values) and also has several periodicals in the country – among them, The Australian, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, Courier Mail, The Advertiser, Australian Geographic and local versions of Women’s Health, Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

In Terra da Rainha, Apple News + costs £ 9.99 per month – or, in direct conversion for today’s values, R $ 51 monthly. It has about 150 periodicals, including local publications of great importance, such as The Times (and The Sunday Times), Empire, Hello!, Cyclist, Grazia and the British versions of Esquire, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Apple News + in the UK

In both cases, Australians and Britons can also access various publications of international interest – as is the case with Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic and Rolling Stone. Apple also offers, in both countries, a month of free trials (as standard in its services) and iCloud Family Sharing support, so that up to six people from the same family can use Apple News + by paying only one subscription.

It is worth noting, in the midst of all this, a statement by Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp. (media conglomerate responsible for some of the publications mentioned above), while Business Wire. The executive did not speak words when valuing Apple’s efforts in the news area – and, at the same time, disqualifying one of its main competitors.

We are proud to partner with a company that truly believes in the importance of reliability and the fact that valuable journalism comes at a cost. Apple has acted positively, honorably and decidedly in changing the digital landscape, while other providers, like Google, prefer the hype and hypocrisy.

These are strong words from one of the largest companies in the world in the field. It is enough to know, now, when is Apple going to take all this power to other locations – I bet there is a lot of interest for such a service here in Brazil, for example.

via 9to5Mac