Denise Young Smith

Apple names Denise Young Smith as its first VP of inclusion and diversity [atualizado]

With the world changing and the demands for greater representativeness in all aspects of life and the world growing, it is no surprise that large companies imbue themselves with this spirit of diversity if we are talking about something genuinely concerned with the very important agenda of social inclusion or just a success of marketing moves to serve the public, I'm not sure (this is a crucial discussion, but for another moment).

The fact is that Apple is one of the worldwide companies that stands out the most for its actions promoting diversity, taking care to highlight the importance that it gives to the theme in all its communication and also in annual reports that it publishes on the subject. And, to crown all the initiatives already carried out, Ma is creating a new position of vice president precisely to deal with these demands.

Denise Young Smith

According to information from the 9to5Mac, Denise Young Smith (above) becomes the new vice president of inclusion and diversity Apple, a new position at the Ma summit that will lead the company's actions in the field and seek new ways to promote representation in Cupertino and beyond. The change is not yet reflected on Apple's leadership page, but Smith has already updated his LinkedIn profile and, apparently, the "promotion" has also been made official internally.

The executive cannot even be considered a newcomer to Apple: she has been in Cupertino since 1997, always occupying important positions in the area of ​​human resources, the last, precisely, was the global VP of human resources. Now, however, Denise will report directly to the executive director (CEO) Tim Cook in his new role, while the HR department is probably under a new leadership, yet to be announced remains subordinate to the core of Luca Maestri, chief financial officer (CFO) of the company .

It is good to note that Apple previously had a diversity and inclusion director, Jeffrey Siminoff, but this was, as the name implies, a smaller position in the company's hierarchy now, Smith can act much more independently leading new inclusion initiatives and diversity within Ma, with all the autonomy that is expected of a vice-president.

We hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that she will have the greatest success in this new venture.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 05/30/2017 s 21:36

It took a little while, but today Apple has finally updated its leadership page by changing Smith’s position to “Vice president of inclusion and diversity” and confirming that she now reports directly to CEO Tim Cook.