Apple Names Adrian Perica its New Corporate Development VP [atualizado]

Adrian Perica He started working at Apple in 2009. Since then, he has taken care of mergers and acquisitions at the company. Today, Perica received a nice promotion. As we can see on Ma's leadership page, he now holds the position of vice president of corporate development, reporting directly to Tim Cook (previously reporting to CFO Luca Maestri).

Adrian Perica

Since joining the company, he has overseen the successful integration of vital technologies and new business in hardware, software and services, and here is the biggest one, Beats, for $ 3 billion.

Prior to joining Apple, the executive worked at Goldman Sachs (Apple's new partner in his credit card venture) for eight years and before that at Deloitte Consulting (another major Ma partner) and was an Army officer. from the USA.

She holds a bachelor's degree in physics from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the famous MIT. He is currently also on the board of Didi Chuxing, which has already received a $ 1 billion investment from Apple.

Is coming a new big buy by?

Update 04/04/2019 s 10:06

According to Mark Gurman of BloombergPerica had held the position of VP of Corporate Development for some time. The novelty was the change in structure, as it now reports to the CEO rather than to the CFO.

Coincidentally or not, this change came just as Wall Street analysts are asking Apple to consider making larger acquisitions. In 2018, it bought 18 companies, but none of them exceeded the $ 1 billion level.

Gurman also commented that Perica is part of a select group. In total, there are 20 executives at Apple who report directly to the CEO including everyone on the company's leadership page, as well as Mike Fenger and Doug Beck (both vice presidents of sales), who are not listed on the page.