Apple Music wins unofficial web player

Apple Music wins unofficial web player

If Apple doesn't, someone goes there and does it. But, of course, for that Apple had to open an API for this.

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I speak of Apple Music Player, the first complete web player for the streaming of music by Ma. And what was sensational?

Obviously, to use it you need to log in with your Apple ID associated with your Apple Music subscription. Then, everything works as expected, he pulls his playlists, recently added items, and everything. It is possible to browse rankings, see personal recommendations, search in short, everything we are entitled to.

The limitations are very few: it is still not possible to reorder songs in the list Up Next, access Apple Music radio (including Beats 1) and one or two other silly things. Overall, for something that has just been released, it’s too good!

To those curious about planting, the site is obviously all based on framework MusicKit JS from Apple, and was built by Naveed Golafshani in Angular and Angular Material.

via MacRumors