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Apple Music Wins Global Music Publishing Division

Apple's investments in its service streaming continue at full steam and, it seems, this time the Apple Music will expand its area of ​​activity in publishing artists.

The news, published by the website Music Business Worldwide, indicates that the head of the new division will be Elena Segal, who until then served as international director of iTunes. Segal joined Apple in 2006, acting on numerous legal and licensing issues for iTunes and Apple Music in various territories.

Ma's new global publishing division should be divided into specific directories that will deal with operations, commercial relations, relations with publishers, etc. According to MBW, the initiative is one of the first big announcements by the new worldwide director of Apple Music, Oliver Schusser, named last April. Before that, Schusser was a senior director at iTunes.

An unknown source informed the MBW that Schusser is aware that much of the discovery of artists happens through their publication by the record companies, and that the relationship between the two groups mentioned and the platforms of streaming well liked.

Oliver is aware that much of the artist discovery that takes place in the music industry today comes from the editorial side of the business. He also wants to emphasize the importance of publishing and composers for Apple. what this movement is about.

To the Rolling Stone, Apple's new music publishing division could be the starting point for many positive projects for the Cupertino giant. The ease of licensing artists and preparing composers internally are among the points considered by the magazine.

Should we expect a kind of Apple record label in the future? Leaving daydreams aside, Ma's music publishing division will leverage the company's expressiveness in the music market more than it already has.

via MacRumors