Apple Music will be adapted for Android tablets; platform will announce Grammy nominees

The arrival of Apple music to Android it was a pleasant surprise to the users of the streaming Ma's musical and undoubtedly helped the service to consolidate itself as the second force in its field, behind the unfailing Spotify. The news today is not significant in the same way, but at least the seven or eight users of Android tablets around the world can celebrate.

Yes, that's because the Apple Music app for Android is (finally?) Bringing support for big screen devices, as its latest test version (2.7.0) indicates.

Apple Music adapted for Android tablet

Previously, it was already possible to download the application on Android tablets, but the user was faced with a "burst" version of the smartphone software more or less like iPad users inexplicably still have to deal with Instagram, for example. Now things are much better, with content that fits larger screen sizes.

Apple Music version 2.7.0 for Android also brings (for both tablets and smartphones) a similar new lower navigation bar found on iOS, with the four main usage elements of the Library platform, “For You”, Explore and Radio.

Changes should come to all users soon. The current version published on Google Play 2.6.1.


In a related note, Apple Music first announces nominations for some of the award categories. Grammy of 2019 the most important and disputed in the music industry.

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The announcement initially took place on Wednesday, the 5th, but was postponed due to the funeral of former US President George H. W. Bush. Now, it occurs on Friday, the 7th; Apple Music subscribers will be able to access the service at 11:30 am (by Braslia summer time) to follow the announcements.

remember that the platform of streaming Ma announces nominees from selected categories only; others will be revealed at the same time by the program CBS This Morning, In the USA. At 11:45 am, the full list of nominees in all categories will be available on the official Grammy website.

Really, Apple is not kidding!

via iDownloadBlog, MacRumors