Apple Music will also work on third-party speakers controlled by Alexa

A few days ago, in an agreement beyond the unexpected, the Apple Music was launched for Amazon's smart speakers. The connection between the streaming music of Apple and the devices of the ecommerce giant happens in the Alexa app for iOS

Amazon Alexa app icon

With everything properly adjusted, you can control playback by voice commands, access playlists, Beats 1 radio and set up Apple Music as the standard Amazon Echo player, so that it automatically accesses the service when you ask it to play a specific song.

Cool, huh? After all, in the United States, the smart speaker market dominated by Amazon and this partnership makes sense for both companies. But what about the many others willing to exist that are controlled by Alexa, how are they? According to Raymond Wong, from Mashable, they will also be able to connect to Apple Music in the future. When, exactly, no one knows.

The fact that it is now possible to subscribe to Apple Music even without being part of the Apple ecosystem, in addition to being able to listen to music on iPhones (with CarPlay support), iPads, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, Macs and HomePods, it is also possible to use PCs , Android devices, Sonos speakers and now the Echo line. Soon, as informed, others are expected to join the play from CNET made an extensive list of third-party speakers that use Alexa.

Such an agreement is most likely part of a larger one, commented on by us recently, in which Apple started selling all of its products (with the exception of HomePod) directly on Amazon.

via AppleInsider