Apple Music vs. Spotify: which service consumes less bandwidth to stream music?

Apple Music vs. Spotify: which service consumes less bandwidth to stream music?

Now that Apple Music has been launched, many people are comparing it with Spotify with the two main exponents of this musical war in order to decide which company deserves to receive their hard-earned money at the end of the month. For one thing that many think but end up evaluating: after all, which one uses more band to do the streaming of the songs?

The reader Maicon Werner suggested and we decided to do this test, which happened as follows: we played three equal songs on both services, via 4G. Before that, however, we closed all applications that were running in the background, turned off notifications and unchecked the update option in 2 plan, in order to make sure that no app would use the cellular connection to interfere with the test.

Then we enter the respective applications, find the songs in question and, before playing them, reset the consumption meter of the iPhone. This process was repeated before the reproduction of the three songs in the two services.

Of course, we cannot guarantee surgical accuracy, but this test certainly gives a good idea of ​​bandwidth consumption of the two main streaming from the moment. Here is the result:

TrackApple MusicSpotify
“Crrystalized” (The xx) 1.8 MB 3.1 MB
“Back in Black” (AC / DC) 4.6 MB 6.9 MB
“A Sky Full Of Stars” (Coldplay) 5.4 MB 8.6 MB

Listening to just three songs, the bandwidth savings by Apple Music was almost 7MB.

It is worth noting that the coding of streaming Spotify Ogg Vorbis at ~ 320Kbps (for subscribers Premium, like me) while Apple Music works on AAC at 256Kbps.

In addition, during my test Spotify's transmission quality setting was set to “Automatic”, which can make everything vary between normal, high and extreme depending on the connection. For now, in iOS 8.4, Apple Music does not offer any kind of quality control of the streaming on iOS 9 users can choose to play music with maximum quality even on 4G connections.

Considering that few, but very few people can even distinguish the quality of the transmission of these services, at least in terms of bandwidth consumption, Apple Music has a good advantage.