Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Play Music: comparison of streaming services

Apple Music vs.  Spotify vs.  Mainkan Musik: perbandingan layanan streaming

During WWDC 2105, Apple introduced its new service for streaming music that will compete with various platforms of the genre. We decided to compare the apple service with Spotify, the leader in the segment, and Play Music, Google’s music service that has been operating in Brazil since November 2014. Find out in our comparison which service offers the best functions for users.

Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Play Music: Price

Internationally, the three platforms cost exactly the same amount for the plan premium: $ 9.99. In Brazil, Spotify and Play Music cost R $ 14.90 respectively, and offer users the first three months free on the plan premium. The Apple Music monthly fee is not yet defined for Brazil, and we hope that Apple does not perform the same conversion of values ​​that is applied in its products sold here.

Apple is aware that users of these two platforms will not migrate to its new streaming service easily, unless something really attractive is offered to justify such a migration. In addition to the first free months, Apple Music will offer the family plan for $ 14.00, allowing simultaneous use of the service on up to 6 devices. In Brazil, Spotify sells the Family plan, which offers a 50% discount for each additional account linked to the primary user. The advantage of Spotify in this modality is the unlimited number of accounts that can be linked through the main user, different from the limit imposed by Apple Music of 6 users per plan.

Apple is said to have struggled to make Apple Music more economical, but it would have encountered some resistance from record labels. This stalemate with record labels is not surprising, as Play Music and Spotify are not considered profitable by the music industry to this day.

Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Play Music: Availability

Play Music and Spotify already offer global coverage, compatible with most current platforms, such as Android, iOS, PC, Mac, as well as a web version for browsers. So far a web version for Apple’s service has not been confirmed. Initially Apple Music will be compatible only with apple platforms, which should take its service to Android in mid-September. Apple Music will be available in 100 countries starting June 30th.

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Apple’s decision to make Android compatible with its service demonstrates the company’s willingness to compete worldwide with the other solutions available on the market. A reverse example of this attitude can be seen through FaceTime, which although it is a video call service, has not been migrated to competing platforms, and does not compete in the market led by Skype.

apple music

Apple Music will arrive later on Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Play Music: Catalog and sound quality

Apple Music offers a collection of 30 million songs, a quantity similar to that provided by Spotify and Google Play Music. All services deliver close numbers in their catalogs, and the differential that should attract users who wish to migrate the service will be due to their main functionalities.

The sound quality of the tracks made available does not change much between services. Spotify and Play Music deliver 320Kbps sound quality, while Apple Music offers tracks in the 256Kbps ACC standard, equivalent to other competitors.

Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Play Music: Functions and Features

Ten years after iTunes arrived, Apple realized that users would rather pay a one-time fee for unlimited access to multiple tracks, rather than investing the same amount for just a single album with 10 songs. To differentiate itself from its competitors, Apple bets on the exclusive functions offered by Apple Music.

New features include Apple Music Beats 1, a 24-hour live radio run by three DJs from Los Angeles, New York and London. The radios offered by Spotify and Play Music are just a selection of predefined songs, played from themes selected by the user.

Apple Music Conect will be a social network within the service, which will keep users close to their favorite artists. The function will allow members associated with profiles to receive news about launches, and will promote interaction with registered artists through posts.

Spotify already offers a similar solution, identifying artists with a check blue, and allowing them to add playlists so your followers can listen and keep them offline.

headphones nexus 5 google play music

The radio offered in Play Music is a selection predefined by the user. / © ANDROIDPIT

Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. Play Music: Conclusion

Spotify was a revolution after its launch in 2006, a novelty for the music industry and users of various platforms around the world. Many companies have adopted this business model, and have introduced their solutions in recent years, such as Rdio and Deezer.

The goal of Apple Music is attractive, however, the music streaming market is new to Apple. Play Music is available natively on Android devices, and can be accessed by all users from a variety of platforms. However, both services have features similar to Spotify, which recently announced the integration of videos on its music platform, as well as new tools that deliver users playlists based on their personal activities and interests. Even with all the attractions of Apple Music, it is hard to believe that the company manages to attract the majority of Spotify subscribers, as the Swedish company is entirely dedicated to the development of its music platform, while Apple divides into several solutions among its users. Recently, Spotify entered into a partnership to bring its streaming service to Sony’s PlayStation, aiming to reach other audiences and niche markets.

The table below shows a practical comparison between Apple Music, Spotify and Play Music:


Price $ 9,993 months free

R $ 14.99

3 months free

R $ 14,993 months free
Compatibility iOS, Mac, PC, Android from September Android, iOS, Mac / PC, Web Android, iOS, Mac / PC, Web
Catalog 30 million 30 million 30 million
Quality (Bi-rate) 256 Kbps (AAC) 320 Kbps 320 Kbps

Offline access

Yes Yes Yes

So, which of the three services is your favorite?