Apple Music: Usage Tips

We have separated some tips for using the new service Apple Music, answering questions sent by our readers. Check out:

Listen to music on 3G / 4G


Some are not able to listen to music when they are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. This is because Apple considers this connection to be made through the iTunes Store, and users who have disabled the cellular network to download applications will also not be able to listen to music over streaming.

To solve this, just go to Settings> iTunes Store and App Store and activate the option Use Cellular Data. But be careful, as apps can also be downloaded over the cellular network with this.


Turn off automatic renewal

If you signed up for the free three months and are afraid of being charged later for forgetting to cancel your subscription, you can turn off automatic renewal now. If after three months you choose to continue with the service, you can subscribe as normal, without any problems.

Go to your App Store account and, in the Subscriptions menu, turn off the automatic renewal of Apple Music (yes, the button still looks like iOS 4).


Explicit music


If you are not able to listen to songs that have a small AND next to the title, do the following: go to Settings> General> Restrictions and activate them. Due to a bizarre bug (hopefully temporary), songs with explicit content are not released if restrictions are not enabled. Make sure the option Music and Podcasts is checked Explicit.


Use Siri to order music

With an Apple Music subscription, you can order the song you want through Siri, and she will do anything to play it, if it exists in the service’s repertoire. Try it, it’s fun. ?


Place the Playlists button on the menu


In the bottom menu, there is no easy shortcut for you to access your Playlists. Actually, there is, but it’s not by default: if you don’t intend to use the Connect social network a lot, go to Settings> General> Restrictions (the same one you activated up there) and turn off Connect. From there, the music application menu will change and include the Playlists button.


Gift cards do not require a credit card

We comment here that in Brazilian accounts, it will be mandatory to have a credit card associated with the account in order to enjoy the free period of Apple Music. This is because, in Brazil, the only way to buy music and applications at the Apple store is through international cards issued in the country.

However, in countries that have the option of gift cards, Apple allows you to subscribe to the service for those who have credits in the account. Before, with iTunes Match, Apple did not accept gift card credits, but that has changed.

Not all artists participate in Apple Music

You’ll notice, sooner or later, that some artists have chosen not to be part of the music streaming system, or have released only a few albums. The Beatles, for example, which took years to go to the iTunes Store, are not available in streaming. The singer Prince also chose not to embark on the joke.

Over time, they can change their mind and be included in the library. But it depends on them.