Apple Music swaps “Best of the Week” playlist for “What's New”

Apple Music swaps “Best of the Week” playlist for “What's New”

The service of streaming of Apple music today launched a new playlist, call “News of the day”, replacing "Best of the Week" list. The main difference between the two is that now the selection of new songs happens every day unlike the old one. playlist, which received new content weekly on Fridays.

According to Apple Music, the new playlist It aims to present the artists and the tracks that are high in each region, without distinction of musical styles. In Brazil, the playlist from international pop to country music, including news from Lana Del Rey, Ana Carolina and Luan Santana.

The music evolves every day and here are the best news from the artists that are pumping on the scene, in a mix of genres. The tracks of this playlist are updated frequently, if you like one of them, add it to your library.

The music at the top of the new release playlist today The Manfrom the new album Loverfrom the american singer Taylor Swift, which also features the list disclosure cover.

It may be that some users compare the novelty of Apple Music with the playlist Daily mixfrom Spotify. Unlike the Ma service, however, the Swedish service option offers suggestions for custom music based on each user's reproductions, using algorithms. As we know, Apple Music values ​​human curation, so its playlist more comprehensive.

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