Apple Music signs new deals with record labels; service subscription package gets further away

Apple Music

Apple currently has a number of subscription services available in its catalog: Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News + and iCloud storage space. A lot of people end up subscribing to a lot of these services, so it would be great if the company offered some kind of package (bundle, in English) for you to subscribe all – or most of them – at a lower price.

It is worth noting that there is already such a “minipack” (covering only Apple Music and Apple TV +), but it is only available to students.

a bundle complete makes perfect sense and for many it is not a matter of if Apple will do something like that, but When. The problem is that it doesn’t depend only on the Apple: to quote people familiar with the subject, the Financial Times reported that Apple has signed new licensing agreements with some of the major record labels (Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music) – these are valid for several years.

However, these contracts do not include anything related to an Apple subscription package, which leads us to believe that such an offer is not as close to being launched as we would like. The scenario was not simple, even: at the end of last year, when we approached the subject, we said that the record companies were resisting this idea.

On a related note, the MacRumors reported that the Spotify, platform streaming music leader in the segment – there are 124 million subscribers to the service against 60 million on Apple Music, according to the latest survey -, has been negotiating with these major labels for over a year and has not yet achieved the same success as Apple. Well well…