Apple Music reaches 30 million paid subscribers

Apple Music reaches 30 million paid subscribers

At the end of 2016, there were 20 million. Just over three months ago, it had reached 27 million.

Now, in an interview for the magazine Billboard, three of the main Apple Music Zane Lowe, Larry Jackson and Jimmy Iovine confirmed that the streaming Ma is now with 30 million paid subscribers.

Billboard cover with Apple Music bosses

Obviously a resounding number and Apple has long since taken second place in this market, but the undisputed leader remains well ahead and even had its growth accelerated after Apple Music arrived. The official number of paid subscribers Spotify no less than double, 60 million (from July).

Asked, in the interview, about his thoughts on Spotify's plans to go public, Iovine replied:

I think (Spotify CEO) Daniel (Ek) is a talented and very intelligent guy, but the margins are very tight. The costs are extraordinary. It will grow and grow and grow, and costs will rise, not fall. Entering new countries means translating everything. It will cost a lot of money. They have a problem that a (diverse company like) Amazon doesn't have.

At the age of 64, Iovine says that at the moment he has no plans to do anything else in his life besides trying to solve the problem of streaming and recognizes that Apple "is not even close" to doing that.

Not surprisingly, she will invest US $ 1 billion in new video content next year.

via MacRumors