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Apple Music promotes iOS 13 “sync lyrics” with artist videos

Among the news introduced with the iOS 13Launched last Thursday, Apple Music was awarded a cool feature called "Synchronized Lyrics" which, as its name suggests, shows in real time the lyrics of a song. Now, to publicize the new feature, the streaming da Ma launched another novelty called “Inspiring Lyrics” (“Lyrics to Live By”).

The new Apple Music page can be accessed from both iOS and macOS and features videos featuring interviews from popular artists, who talk about the meaning and inspiration behind the lyrics of some of their favorite songs. Some of the featured artists in the new video series are Halsey, Hunter Hayes and Natasha Bedingfield, among others.

The days of being ashamed because you don't know the right lyrics for your favorite songs are over. Apple Music's new synchronized lyrics feature highlights lyrics as they are sung, proclaimed, or spoken no matter how fuzzy or clear they are. This feature changes the way people interact with the music they love by putting the words in front. To commemorate this new experience, we showcase the music's most talented and beloved composers. Be the greatest artists of today who tell personal stories behind the indelible lines that act as invaluable advice from life or playlists By showing the sharpest composers of music history, you will have a new appreciation for what your favorite artists are singing, not just how they are singing.

Although the main news page is in English, all videos have subtitles in several languages, including Portuguese. In general, the videos are not very long and average one minute.

Also on the new page, Apple Music released a selection of playlists call Modern masters featuring highlights from artists such as Bebe Rexha, Jack Antonoff, Julia Michaels and more. In addition to publicizing hits Of these composers, these lists also incorporate hits that these artists wrote for other people.

At the end of the page there is also a section called Songwriting Gods and Goddesses, which highlights some playlists Apple Essentials category.

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