Apple Music: Porsche Electric Vehicle Integration, Shazam's New Playlist, and More!

The platform of streaming Apple Music has been the target of positive (and some negative) news recently; among them, the service will be the first to natively integrate the manufacturer's next electric model in addition to vehicles Porsche. In addition, the service added a new playlist in partnership with Shazam and gained compatibility with Alexa (Amazon virtual assistant) in most countries in Europe.

On the negative side, Apple Music was accused of infringing four patents of a Canadian company that had already sued Spotify for similar reasons, as we will see below.

Native App on Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan with Apple Music Support

The German luxury car brand recently announced the launch of the Taycan model, its first all-electric car to include anything in it: native support for Apple Music, as reported by TechCrunch.

This means that model owners will be able to access your iCloud library, playlists and Beats 1 radio stations without the need for an iPhone nearby. To this end, Porsche said it plans to offer Taycan buyers three years (!) Of free data, as well as providing up to six months of Apple Music license to new customers.

While Apple Music can be accessed on CarPlay compatible vehicles (which Porsche has been supporting since 2015), this is the first time streaming of the company be made available natively as an app in any car. $ en $ acional, at the?

New playlist “Top 50 Shazam Discoveries”

Apple Music recently added a new playlist with rising songs that are receiving the highest number of shazams around the world called “Top 50 Shazam Discoveries”.

Shazam's new playlist on Apple Music

According to the description of playlist, it will be updated every Tuesday with a new ranking. In interview for VarietyMa said using Shazam's algorithms to "provide a unique insight into promising artists and music for Apple Music subscribers."

If, on the one hand, the idea is indeed interesting, on the other, it goes against the service philosophy, which boasts of highlighting its human curatorship. As we know, the Cupertino giant confirmed the purchase of the music identification service in late 2017.

Alexa support in more countries in Europe

As we announced late last year, Apple Music began supporting third-party speakers (read: Amazon) compatible with the company's virtual assistant, Alexa. Support, however, has been offered gradually to even more regions around the globe, and now a number of new countries in Europe have been added to the list.

More precisely, users of the Echo speakers on Germany, at Spain, at France and on Italy can enjoy their Apple Music subscriptions through Alexa, with shared by MacRumors.

In addition to support, Apple Music can be set as the default music service for Echo speakers through the Amazon Alexa app, so you don't have to set up your device every time you need to play music or playlist In addition to the above countries, Alexa support is also available in Australia, the United States, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Patent Proceedings

As not all things bloom, Apple Music has been the subject of a new lawsuit over alleged infringement of patents related to “methods of transmitting audio files on shared networks,” as reported by AppleInsider.

Who is accusing the Cupertino giant of infringing such intellectual property Postmedia Network, a Canadian-based media conglomerate. Under the lawsuit, Postmedia is acting on behalf of developer Alan Bartholomew, the alleged creator of such patents, to reward and compensate him for the value due to the use of the technologies.

But Postmedia's reputation in the legal arena is not the best; In 2016, the company filed a similar lawsuit against Spotify and iHeartMedia, and in both cases, the Canadian company's complaint was not upheld.

In the case against Apple, Postmedia seeks damages (unspecified), royalties with interest and the reimbursement of court costs. Ma has not commented on the case at this time.