Apple Music playlist features songs from Apple ads

Apple Music playlist features songs from Apple ads

If there's one thing Apple won't give up, it's a stylish soundtrack that's appropriate for your commercials. Of course, product development may be dragging a little and iPhones may be down, but if we continue to have killer tracks in cool commercials, all is well.

In this technique, did you know that Apple maintains a playlist on Apple Music with all the soundtracks of your recent commercials? Yeah, we don't either, but it does exist, and it's appropriately called Heard in Apple Ads (“Listened to Apple Commercials,” but that was bizarrely translated to “Apple Special Event 2017”). 😖

We have in the list a frequently updated list of all featured commercials from Ma. To give you an idea, the playlist already has the pipe “Nice”, from Latroit, which sounded the company's latest commercials selling the iPhones Face ID.

It would be nice for the list to be expanded to include older Ma ads as well, but that is too much to ask, of course. And while you may still have to have an Apple Music account to listen to the full songs, at least the list saves you from going to Shazam even if you're not on Ma's music platform.

Cool, isn't it?

via iMore