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Apple Music now shows more lyrics

If you use the SpotifyYou have certainly seen the information comics that appear above the album art on the playback screen in the most popular songs. That resource was the result of a partnership of the giant of streaming how Geniusis the world's largest encyclopedia of music written by artists, experts and super fans, featuring information and lyrics from songs and artists from all over the world.

Now the Apple music Taking this exclusivity from its biggest competitor, Genius announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the streaming Apple to offer portions of its content to the Ma environment.

The partnership will cover some important points from the experience of both platforms. Apple Music becomes the player Genius official, ie on both the encyclopedia website and its iOS app, you can listen to music directly from a Apple service mini player if you are an Apple Music subscriber, listen to the entire song; if not, a 30 second preview.

On the Apple Music side, the lyrics feature will be expanded with Genius' vast content according to the announcement, thousands of songs that currently have no lyrics in the service will receive them with the partnership. It is not yet clear whether Apple plans to add additional information, such as curiosities and historical data, as Spotify does; At least in this first moment, it is likely that the partnership will come down to the same letters.

The partnership is already in place today and you can enjoy its benefits on the Genius website and app, as well as Apple Music apps.

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