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Apple Music now notifies you of releases by artists you like

THE Apple Music is launching a new feature that notifies your subscribers of releases from artists you like, letting you know what’s new.

When you open the Music app, an option to activate these launch notifications – from artists you like – is displayed, as shown below:

Apple Music News Banner

The feature is gradually being made available to customers of the service; to see the option, open Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad and check if the setup screen above is displayed.

Alternatively, you can check the option by accessing your Apple Music profile (For you ” [seu avatar] ” Notifications).

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Apparently, it is not possible to specify which artists you want to receive notifications, but Apple explains that they will be related to the news of your favorite artists. It is also possible to disable them completely or choose not to see them in the “Library” tab.

Apple Music has alerts for push to announce new songs for some time, but if you are a subscriber to the service, then you know that this is not always effective. Because of this, it is not known whether the company has replaced this notification method or is just implementing a new option.

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Version 1.3.6 (2.2 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

via MacRumors