Apple Music surpasses 20 million paid subscribers in just 17 months

Apple Music may earn a good price reduction, but it will hardly be applied in Brazil

What competition does not do: according to Digital Music News close to Apple Music, Ma would be considering a significant reduction in the monthly fee for its service streaming of music.

In the United States, current rates are $ 10 / month for individuals, $ 15 / month for families and $ 5 / month for students. With the possible reduction, expected to occur from December (before Christmas), the amounts would be respectively US $ 8 / month (a 20% drop, in this case), $ 13 / ms and $ 5 / ms.

Note that the student fee would remain unchanged, and it coincides with the monthly fee for the service practiced by Apple in Brazil for individuals. Even with the dollar at the current price, a fair price is equivalent to competitors like the famous Spotify, that is, we should not expect a similar reduction here. It is worth noting that the family price here is also excellent: US $ 8 / month.

If the change actually occurs, everything depends on ongoing negotiations, current subscribers will have their monthly fees automatically adjusted to the new values. However, obviously, no one will be reimbursed for paying higher monthly fees in previous months.

(via AppleInsider)