Apple Music launches new quarantine-focused playlists

Apple Music launches new quarantine-focused playlists

First, we saw the arrival of a playlist called “Mix: energy”; now, to help us even more in this moment of social isolation, The Apple Music launched a few more playlists with a focus on Quarantine.

The novelty is highlighted right at the top in the “Explore” tab of the Music app, in a banner titled «All together» (or «Come Together», in English).

Each of us knows how challenging this period has been. Wherever you are, regardless of what is going on during the pandemic, remember that we are together right now. Whether you’re looking for a distraction while staying at home or trying to be optimistic in the face of life’s challenges, music can be an escape and a redemption for you and everyone under one roof. Even because social distance does not mean being anti-social. Explore here playlists that best suit you and give you comfort, motivation, focus or are just for dancing and forgetting.

Check out all seven lists created by Apple:

Breaking the ice

Sometimes, you have to go through a difficult situation to realize the value of someone in your life. In this case, what is the best way to express that special feeling? Turn on the sound and let the music do its part. It is playlist, with bands of rising R&B stars like Snoh ​​Aalegra, HER and Daniel Caesar, is perfect for sending the right message and showing that there is no one else you want to be with.

To animate the home office

You, who can do home office, you know that motivation is not easy to keep up. Thankfully, there is hip-hop to help –– in addition to the beat, the clever rhymes and social speech make you more excited, wherever you are. These songs by Drake, Kanye West and Ace Hood put you on the perfect frequency to handle the service, even when you’re at home.

Virtual hugs

Sometimes it’s time to change the mood and listen to a playlist that brings love and good vibes, especially nowadays. With the company of artists like Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande and other big names in pop, it is easier to isolate yourself anywhere in the world. Play, feel the positivity and let these songs transport you to a better place.

Instrumentals for studying

With schools closed and the use of distance learning, it became easier to get distracted and curl up to finish homework. But, we will keep the focus on studies with light beats of hip-hop and electronics by artists like KAYTRANADA, Pueblo Vista and much more. Studying with background music has never hurt anyone.

Party in the room

The best thing about promoting a club at home is that it doesn’t depend on the guests. Whether with the family or on the self block alone, this lively selection will open the dance floor to the sound of Tones and I, Maren Morris and other pop stars.

Another dimension

You may be trapped, but there are several ways to expand your horizons without stepping outside. It is playlist it is versatile and mixes inventive works from different genres, from electronic to indie. Take a ride on the harmonies, textures and sounds of visionary artists like Flying Lotus and Tame Impala and travel without leaving your seat.

Together in isolation

Good choruses have the power to make everyone sing together, turning all voices into an immense chorus. Some lyrics gain a magical force when sung by the crowd and generate a unique collective catharsis – a situation that has been avoided today. But, don’t be sad: we separate hits with energetic lyrics, that will transform your living room into an arena of shows.

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