Apple Music Launches Funk Playlists Curated by KondZilla

Apple Music Launches Funk Playlists Curated by KondZilla

If you like funk, obviously you know who you are KondZilla. The music producer behind that stage name is Konrad Dantas, founder of Kondzilla Records and owner of one of the biggest music channels in the world on YouTube.

Many of the current successes in the current Brazilian funk scene have the participation of Dantas. Nothing is more fair, then, than he is responsible for curating playlists of this musical genre on Apple Music, right?

The new Brazilian funk playlists are here, curated by @KondZilla. Listen to # Funk2020 for the latest hits and #BregaFunk if you just want to have fun: #BehindTheMac

There are six playlists:

  1. Brega Funk 2020 – KondZilla
  2. Baile Rave KondZilla | The Best of Rave Funk 2020
  3. KondZilla News – Funk Revelations 2020
  4. Conscious Funk 2020 – KondZilla Favela Funk
  5. Funk 2020 – Jottape and PK – Most Played KondZilla
  6. Funk Releases 2020 – Best Funks

It doesn’t matter if it’s funk conscious, funk 150bpm, brega funk, funk ostentação or daring funk, the best of national funk you can find here. Press play and make the dance happen wherever you are.

Check out all the playlists below:

Let the funk dance of the quarantine begin! ??