Apple Music is now available on the Google Play Store

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A few months ago, Apple announced during WWDC 2015 the service of streaming own music, Apple Music. About two weeks ago, some screenshots leaked showing what the Android application interface would look like. Today, Apple Music has finally arrived on the Play Store. Check out the app.

As usual, Apple Music offers 3 months of free subscription, after that, the Individual plan is for 4.99 dollars, or 19 reais, per month. The Family plan is only available on MacOS X or iOS devices for now. After installing the app, you need to enter your Apple ID or create one directly in the app; here it is also necessary to enter the credit card details that will be used for payment.

apple music1

3 months free and Apple ID straight on the app./ © ANDROIDPIT

After that, the app offers rhythms and artists for the user to choose which ones they like: one touch to choose the genres / artists you like, two for those you love and a long touch for those you don’t like. It is with this information that Apple will cure the radios and offers of the app.

apple music2

Choose what you like and what you don’t like. / © ANDROIDPIT

The interface is exactly the one that leaked two weeks ago: a lot of white and a strong pink red coexist with several other colors, more like Play Music than Spotify’s sobriety. The side menu is present, and brings all the options of the app: For You, New, Radio, Connect, Playlists and Music, as well as Settings, Feedback and account information.

apple music4

Side menu and Settings./ © ANDROIDPIT

apple music3

Colorful interface with more images. / © ANDROIDPIT

Like the other streaming of music, Apple Music lets you download the songs you want, create playlists and follow artists (Connect). The big difference from the Apple app is the radios, which promise to be cured by people, not algorithms.

apple music5

Radios and Connect. / © ANDROIDPIT

During the short time I used the app, the music stopped to load several times, mainly on the radio, but maybe this is the fault of the rain in Porto Alegre. The application itself is fast and easy to use, the most annoying part is creating an Apple ID, since a lot of data is required (the Terms of Service are 18 pages long).

apple music6

Download and control notification on the lock screen. / © ANDROIDPIT

Apple Music is still in beta on Android, which basically means that the videos are not yet present and that the family plan still requires a Mac or an iOS. The app is in version 0.9.0, the APK is 29MB and the app occupies about 89MB (excluding the data). Free for 3 months, then $ 4.99 per month (about 19 reais).

What did you think of Apple Music? Can you compete with Spotify?