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Apple Music is down for some users [atualizado: problema solucionado!]

According to the Apple System Status page, the Apple music and free online radio Beats 1 They are experiencing instability. The company reported that some users are experiencing problems with such services in parallel, the It has already received several reports from readers that the service is partially or completely down.

Some people are listening to music via streaming, for example, but can't download anything offline. Others can't even enjoy the service and are taken to their subscription screen.

As the unavailability of Apple Music happened near the release of iOS 13.2, some users are updating and finding that the update has to do with this unavailability. In addition, there are reports from HomePod owners claiming that it is in some way β€œdamaging” the speaker, for example, it basically serves to listen to Apple Music music, which is probably not the case.

The problem started at 2:30 pm and already extends for a few good hours we will see when everything goes back to normal.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 10/28/2019 6:13 PM

Just over three hours after the start of the problem, Apple now states that everything is already solved and back to normal. Ufa! πŸ˜…