Apple Music web version

Apple Music gets web version, still in beta

Here is something that came as a surprise: Apple just made available on the internet a Apple Music web version. Browser access is still in the testing phase, but it is already accessible by all users – as long as you have a subscription to the service, of course.

Until today, the most that Apple made available on the web was a preview interface of its musical platform, with the ability to hear up to 90 seconds of the platform’s songs; features like search, playlists and recommendations were nowhere to be found. Now, the thing changes: you have access to all the functionality of the service, like the radios, the synchronized library and everything!

Apple Music web version

We also have the playlists of human curation from Apple and the lists in the “For You” tab. Overall, the web app is very similar to the macOS Catalina Music app – in fact, it is also able to capture your preference between Light Mode or Dark Mode and adjust its interface accordingly.

Although still in beta, Apple Music on the web seems to be very round and functional – the only thing you still can’t do there is to sign up for the service, but the company says the functionality will be available very soon. It remains to be seen, now, what will happen to the third party players for Apple Music already available on the internet, such as the Apple Music Player or Musish.

Will the step be essential in popularizing the platform or are we talking about “more of the same”?

via TechCrunch