Apple Music gains page with several guide videos [atualizado: YouTube]

Apple Music gains page with several guide videos [atualizado: YouTube]

Just as it did recently with the Apple Watch (and has even translated it into Portuguese), Apple today launched a new page on the Music full of guide videos about the service.

Seven videos are available in English, focused on For You (For You), New (New), Radio, Connect, Music (My Music), playlists Apple Music and playlists own users. They teach you how to use the cable-to-tail service.

The videos arrive at a curious moment. This Wednesday, September 30th, we will complete three months of the launch of Apple Music which coincide with the end of the period trial of all users who signed up for his debut.

This means that, from now on, only those who choose to pay the monthly fee will continue to use it. The good news is that, in Brazil, it is cheaper than in the United States: US $ 5 for one person, US $ 8 for families. But the dollar quote is not helping us and, even after these three months, many people are not convinced by Apple Music and still prefer competitors like Spotify.

Many still await, also, the launch of Apple Music for Android promised for this year. Coincidentally, today the 9to5Mac commented that there are indications of beta tests being carried out with this new app.

And who will continue on Apple Music?

(via MacRumors)

Update · 09/28/2015 s 17:42

The videos are now also on YouTube: