Apple Music gains new section “Videoclips”, with video playlists [atualizado: iTunes 12.7.4]

Apple Music gains new section "Videoclips", with video playlists [atualizado: iTunes 12.7.4]

Although the Apple Music already has more than 30 million subscribers, we know that the way the service presented in the Music app needs many improvements. But it seems that Apple already knows this and is gradually organizing its app.

Since the service was launched, there were videos related to the music in the service, but they were a little lost in that sea of ??content. However, as promised by Apple, the app now has its own section, called Video clips.

The new video clips section can be accessed from the ?Explore? tab, both in iTunes (macOS) and in the Music app (iOS), and aggregates all the video content that already existed, plus the exclusive releases of the service in one place.

As with music, it was already possible in the service to create playlists also of videos; however, this new section shows lists created by Apple itself, starting with the Hits of the moment, which can be ?added? and will certainly be updated constantly.

Apparently, there is even a curatorship for different locations; for example, in Brazil, we already have lists like ?Sertanejo?, ?Clube MPB?, among others.

This feature was supposed to come only on iOS 11.3, but some subscribers to the service (starting at R $ 16.90) who are still on 11.2.6 can already see this reorganization in the Music app.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 03/29/2018 s 17:55

Apple has just released for macOS and Windows users the iTunes 12.7.4, which brings the new Apple Music video experience to the software.

Find the news and successes of video clips in ?Explore?, and play videos continuously with playlists exclusive video clips.

Apparently, this is what’s new in iTunes.