Apple Music for Android gets tablet support; Astro HQ and Opera Touch apps are updated

Another week, another batch of news at App store and today, exceptionally, an interesting news also in the Google Play. Let's take a look at them?

Apple Music for Android

Apple Music adapted for Android tablet

As we reported a few weeks ago, this change was already being prepared by Apple under the hood and is now finally available to all users: Apple Music for Android finally brings native support to the users. tablets that run the operating system of the little robot.

With the change, (few) Android tablet users will be able to enjoy Apple Music with better use of larger screens; the interface brings dedicated tabs to the platform sections and expands the contents so you can see more music from your playlist at the same time, for example.

In addition, Apple Music 2.7 brings, according to Ma, "several improvements to the app and its performance." It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Astro HQ

Astropad Standard app icon

Astropad Studio app icon

Astropad Mini Drawing Tablet app icon

Luna Display app icon

Here, the update is not for a specific app, but for four apps from the same developer. Astro HQ announced the third generation of its engine LIQUID, responsible for running your second screen apps Astropad Standard, Astropad Studio, Astropad Mini Drawing Tablet and Luna Display. The result? Performance at 100% higher in all of these apps.

In tests conducted specifically with Luna Display, Astro HQ has placed its application, running LIQUID v3, against two illustrious competitors; Luna was able to display Mac images with a latency of just 11.32 milliseconds, versus 54ms from AirDisplay and 95ms from Duet Display. That is, at least on paper, the update is extremely significant.

New versions of Astro HQ apps are now available on the App Store. Remember that those who already use the applications should also update their counterparts for macOS, which can be downloaded from this page.

Opera touch

Opera Touch Browser app icon

Opera's “next-generation” browser, in turn, has received two important new features in its iOS version: Opera Touch 1.3 For the first time, it features an iPad version and a private browsing mode.

Developers note that the version of Opera Touch for iPad is still an early experiment, so it may be that problems and configuration errors appear to users, so it's important to provide feedback to the development team.

The new browser version also features a new voice search feature, an option for translating pages from different languages ​​and other bug fixes and minor visual changes.


Adobe Photoshop Sketch app icon

Adobe Illustrator Draw app icon

Who also introduced good news for their apps was Adobe. The software giant has led to two of its iOS apps, the Photoshop Sketch it's the Illustrator Draw, second-generation Apple Pencil support and gestures as long as, of course, you're running apps on one of the new iPad Pro.

As we talked about in this article, the only gesture supported (so far) by the new Apple Pencil, double tap, can be configured to respond to different commands like switching between the current and previous tool, activating the eraser tool or evoking the color picker. Adobe apps respect this choice.


Dropbox app icon


in Dropbox

Version 170.2 (254.5 MB) Requires the iOS 11.1 or superior

Finally, one of the most popular cloud services in the world has brought interesting news to teams and people who work regularly.

You can now add timed comments to audio or video content so that the annotation appears exactly at the moment you want to flag. That is, it is no longer necessary to write a comment saying “remove weird sound at 0:51”; Just write “remove weird sound” and flag the note so that it appears at 51 seconds.

Realtime Comments on Dropbox

The tool supports over 30 audio and video file formats such as QuickTime, MPEG-4, MXF, MP3 and WAV; A special interface has been developed so you can scan the media quickly and position your comments accurately. Please note that all Dropbox users (with any account types) can add comments, but only on media shared by plan users. Professional, Business advanced, Enterprise or Education.

The feature is now available on the web and in Dropbox for iOS, and will be coming to Android soon.