Apple Music for Android gets Dark Mode and synchronized lyrics; Google Maps, HBO GO and more are updated

Apple Music for Android gets Dark Mode and synchronized lyrics;  Google Maps, HBO GO and more are updated

Some apps for iOS (and Android) have been updated recently with news and very interesting features, including the app Apple Music for Android, which gained support for Dark Mode and synchronized lyrics. In addition, apps Google Maps, HBO GO, Adobe Capture and Launch Center Pro also gained good improvements.

Shall we go to them?

Apple Music for Android

Even though it is in beta, Apple is testing all possible (new) features of the Apple Music app for Android before the official release of version 3.0 for all users – probably with the arrival of iOS 13.

With the latest update, Android users who signed up to test the app (through the Play Store) can now enjoy Dark Mode on Apple Music, as well as synchronized lyrics (features that will also be released on iOS 13).

In addition, version 3.0 of the streaming from Apple for Android also includes the new interface of the “Playing” window.

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

Last May, we commented on how Google pinned Apple when comparing, in a commercial, the map features between Android and iOS. At that time, the Mountain View giant had recently launched a new AR navigation mode, available only for Pixel devices.

Google Maps AR

With the latest update of Google Maps for iOS, the infamous AR navigation feature has also landed on the Apple operating system – in addition to reaching all Android devices. So the Google Maps AR directions, called «Live View», will be available for any device that supports ARCore / ARKit, for routes calculated on foot.

It is important to note that the feature is still in beta, so it may not be available in all regions initially. In addition, to ensure accurate routes, Google Maps will ask you to hold your phone and scan the space around it so that the app recognizes road signs and landmarks to get an idea of ​​where you are.


HBO GO ® app icon

The platform app streaming from HBO was also updated with some improvements and the possibility, even, to download your favorite series and movies to watch them offline.

Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture app icon: creative camera

Adobe’s vector design app for iOS has, in its latest update, gained a new tool called Ombre which allows users to create custom color gradients from saved images and export them to different formats.

Adobe Capture

The tool, however, is in the testing phase and users can export saved gradients as an image, SVG, embedded gradient or CSS. When the feature is officially launched, gradients can also be saved in the user’s libraries.

Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro app icon

Launch Center Pro has reached version 3.1 with a new feature called “Icon Composer”, designed to allow the user to create their own icon (with quality worthy of the App Store), which can be used on the iOS home screen from a shortcut of the Shortcut app (Shortcuts).

In general, it is possible to automate various actions on iOS with Launch Center Pro, including web searches, searching specific applications, among others. The app is offered free of charge, but to access all functions, you must purchase an internal subscription.

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