Apple Music comes to Samsung Smart TVs [atualizado]

Samsung says there is no forecast for Apple Music to reach its Smart TVs in Brazil

When he took off his paperwork streaming of videos, the Apple TV +, Apple was forced to make agreements with Smart TV manufacturers – after all, to be successful in this segment, you need to be in as many houses as possible, and depend only on Apple TV (set-top box) was not a very smart strategy.

The iTunes Apple TV app first arrived on Smart TVs from Samsung – which for many was impossible, due to the history of rivalry of the companies. Then it spread and is now present on TVs from other manufacturers like LG, Sony and more.

Well now she is doing the same thing, only with the app Apple Music.

60 million songs and thousands of playlists on your TV. Apple Music is now on Samsung Smart TVs for the first time. #SamsungTV

In a press release, Samsung said that the new service application streaming Apple’s music is available on Smart TVs released in 2018 (or newer). The new app is reaching more than 100 countries – it, however, did not say exactly which countries are.