Apple Music Chief Highlights “Human Curated” Service

Apple Music Chief Highlights “Human Curated” Service

THE Billboard recently released a profile of the vice president of Apple Music, Oliver schusser, analyzing in detail how the leadership of the executive who has worked at Ma for over 15 years has affected the team and, of course, the service itself. streaming of company music.

It's worth noting that since taking over as VP of the platform a year ago, Apple Music has grown from 40 to 60 million subscribers, and apparently the company's employees have nothing but praise for Schusser.

Executives inside and outside Apple often describe Schusser as very pragmatic. As a theoretical Barack Obama, he balances an unflappable calm and an apparent inability to say something controversial with an impressive mastery of detail, in this case to manage the functioning of Apple Music.

Apple Music's senior editorial director, Rachel NewmanHe also shared his opinion on how the executive managed to make such a positive change in just one year, citing even his ability to remember employees' birthdays.

He knows more about the teams of most managers than they do themselves, in a good way. () Basically, he has the ability to deal with the human side of being a leader, both strategic and commercial. This is what makes it phenomenal.

About Apple Music itself, Schusser's view of the service aligns with Apple's general philosophy of being at the intersection of technology and art, highlighting the highly cherished human curation by Ma.

This (the use of algorithms) is not the way we look at the world. We truly believe that we have a responsibility to our subscribers and our customers that only humans should recommend a playlist and point out who will be the future featured artists.

When it comes to results, Schusser explains that he's not just focusing on numbers (although Apple Music is growing faster than Spotify, at least in the US), and says that what matters is being the best at what you do.

More than ever, it was during the last year that Apple Music saw more women in leadership positions, with the service sending updates faster and closer ties between the platform and major labels. For all this, Schusser notes that he is pleased with the current position of the service and intends to move forward with the goal of "being the best partner for record labels, publishers and composers."

It's been four years and we're feeling great about where we are. Other people have had a lot more experience, a lot more time to test things and learn, and we can reach them quickly. We see ourselves as a company that prioritizes artists, and we want to be the best partners for record labels, publishers and composers. We are working with product and engineering teams on our vision and the future (of Apple Music). If we do all these things, the rest will happen.

via MacRumors