Apple Music arrives on Amazon's Fire TV devices

Apple Music arrives on Amazon’s Fire TV devices

Apple Music arrives on Amazon's Fire TV devices

If Apple is a bubble, the Apple Music is the scoop: throughout Apple’s large ecosystem of services, the streaming is the only one that escapes from the fences of its own devices or from the internet and has official apps for other platforms. The expansion started on Android, followed by Amazon Echo devices and now has reached devices Fire TV, also from the retail giant.

With the novelty – which, so far, is exclusive to the United States -, it is possible to configure Alexa to play Apple Music songs directly through set-top boxes from Amazon. In fact, if the user already has the Apple Music controller configured on an Amazon Echo connected to the Fire TV, there is no need to perform any extra configuration – just talk to your device and it will respond promptly.

As usual, to control Apple Music via Alexa, just perform any command with the term “Apple Music” in the middle – no matter how you speak, the assistant will understand your intention and activate the service. streaming of the Apple. Owners of Amazon Fire TV Cubespecifically, will have the extra benefit of controlling playback on multiple devices at home, as the device has multiroom.

In a related note, Amazon announced that users of Echo devices on the United Kingdom will receive support for Apple Music in the near future, symbolizing the first expansion of functionality outside the US. It is cheering for more countries to join the cake soon.

via MacRumors