Apple Music and Beats 1 radio complete one year of life today

Apple Music and Beats 1 radio complete one year of life today

Exactly 365 days ago, the Apple Music and the Beats 1. To celebrate, Apple created the video above showing a little of what happened in the first year of its online radio life.

Although the video emphasizes the diversity of styles (several artists from different musical genres are shown), I still have the impression that Beats 1 is a predominantly hip hop. Who knows, with the possible launch of other Beats radios, things will not become more explicit and other genres will gain the same relevance.

Regardless, Beats 1 is undoubtedly a completely different project from what we know as a radio “global station”, which is on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with anchors in three cities (Los Angeles, New York and London) ).

Already the service of streaming of music from Apple, even with only one year of life, won a complete redesign that will be released to everyone along with iOS 10 which is still a good gift for people who were bothered by the old look. Even though everything is being adjusted, Apple Music today has 15 million paid subscribers compared to Spotify's 30 million (which, good to note, is 10 years old).

Let many other birthdays come! 🎵🎂