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Apple Music again offers three months free trial

Apparently, Apple is experimenting to see how the Brazilian public responds better to the test offerings of the Apple music.

As we already reported, at the end of last year the company started to charge $ 0.90 for the three-month testing period (which in practice was almost the same as free, but maybe paying those cents would somehow do something. difference in customer loyalty); Last month she did not charge anything for the test again, but decreased the period from three to just one month.

Now, everything is back to β€œnormal” and users who have never tried Apple Music again have three free months for tasting, as you can see on the service page. streaming musical.

Apple Music trial period back to three months

That's good news for those who are dissatisfied with Spotify, Deezer and company and want to give Apple Music a try.


In a related note, the album Lemonade, by singer Beyonc, is finely available on Ma's service.

The album was released in 2016 and remained a TIDAL exclusivity until a few days ago, when it landed on both Apple Music and Spotify even though it was available for purchase on the iTunes Store, for $ 34.90.

tip of @sb_lcs