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Apple Music "A-List: Hip-Hop" Playlist Now Called "Rap Life"

By surprise, the Apple music renamed today one of your most popular playlists; now the playlist “A-List: Hip-Hop” is called Rap Life and won a new show on radio Beats 1.

The news was announced by the executive of the streaming from Ma, Ebro Darden, in an interview for Billboard. In addition to the most cosmetic changes, the initiative will also expand the segment in Darden's daily program on the service radio.

Rap is not just a genre. a way of life. THE playlist #RapLife where music lives, breathes and moves. Check it out today with @JColeNC and @Dreamville's #UndertheSun. Add your library now.

More than music, the board also features discussions about hip-hop culture, as Darden said:

THE (playlist) “Rap Life” be updated as per the culture of c. We will move at the speed of culture and a few weeks will be daily as the new selected content is released.

Genre has been a major focus of Apple Music as the service has also gained recognition in the area; Canadian singer Drake's last two projects (Scorpion and “More Life”), for example, yielded more plays on Apple Music than Ma's biggest competitor Spotify.

So it can be said that the change is just Cupertino's effort to compete more directly with Spotify's Rap Caviar and Amazon's Rap Rotation playlists.