Apple Morumbi completes renovation; Louvre store will close at the end of the month

Let’s go around the world with the Apple stores? Three novelties involving the company’s retail spaces are among us, and we will talk about them below.


Last month, we commented here on the reform that was being carried out in the Apple Morumbi, which closed about 1/4 of the store with sidings announcing the arrival of an experience “Today at Apple” – the educational sessions that have been the new epicenter of Apple’s retail experience.

Now, as our reader informed Jorge Viani [obrigado!], the works have been completed and the space has a new look.

Photograph: Jorge Viani

As we predicted in last month’s post, the area now features a high definition screen and some wooden seats that will be used for the conference.

“Today at Apple”.

The times of the educational sessions can be checked on this page, where you can also secure your place in advance.


Carrousel du Louvre

While some places are resurfacing, others are leaving.

We already talked in this post about the imminent closure of Apple Carrousel du Louvre, one of its most iconic stores and the company’s first to open in Paris (and France as a whole); now, the definitive closing date of the space has been released: October 27, three weeks from now.

Apple Carrousel Du Louvre

Located in the shopping mall attached to the most popular museum in the world, the Louvre, and right in front of the iconic inverted pyramid of IM Pei, the Apple Carrousel du Louvre has always been an absolute success, with over 12 million visitors since its opening , in 2009.

The reason for the closing, although not officially revealed, may have to do with the inflexibility of the shopping center administrators, who would be creating problems for Apple to implement changes in the store structure that would allow the introduction of its new shopping experiences.


Fortunately, when one door closes, another opens – and in this case, a much bigger one: next month, Apple will inaugurate its new flagship at Avenue Champs-Élysées, one of the main postcards of Paris.

Occupying a good part of a historic building on the avenue, the store will be many times larger than the one on the Carrousel du Louvre and will conform to all the company’s new retail standard.

Many of the employees of the store that is about to close will migrate to the new space, too.


Finally, Apple finally decided to take action to curb the wave of thefts that has been hitting its stores in California.

As reported by CBS, Maçã is hiring police officers to guard at least two of its stores, in Sacramento and Roseville; the hiring of agents is private, that is, the taxpayer’s money is not being used for the security of a private space.

Apple Roseville, California, stolen four times in the past 20 daysApple Roseville

Apparently, not even the arrest of an entire gang that was involved with the wave of muggings is taking the flea out of Apple’s ear.

Other company stores in California, such as Marina’s in San Francisco, are already guarded by police officers and have not been robbed; Apple certainly believes that expanding the initiative can have the desired effect and end this whole story.

Or not – we’ll have to wait and see.

via 9to5Mac, The Verge