Apple misses a new stage in the fight with VirnetX; case extends since 2010

Apple misses a new stage in the fight with VirnetX;  case extends since 2010

If there is a dispute that Apple goes wrong, it is against the VirnetX. This week, Apple suffered another defeat in this quasi-billionaire fight, as reported by Bloomberg.

THE United States Court of Appeals rejected Apple’s request to reconsider a November decision, which confirmed that the company infringed two VirnetX patents – Apple wanted to invalidate such inventions.

The dispute between the companies started in 2010, when VirnetX accused Apple of infringing its patents with the appeal of VPN, but has already played out on two fronts.

In this specific case (that of the defeat this week), VirnetX was left to receive $ 502.6 million (April 2018 decision), after a court found that appeals FaceTime, iMessage and VPN violated four VirnetX patents.

The appeals court, however, re-examined the decision and determined that Apple had infringed not four, but two patents, and that this figure should be reviewed. The case was sent back to a lower court to determine whether everything would be recalculated or whether a retrial was needed.

With Apple’s decision to maintain infringement of the two patents, it now remains to wait for the new damages to be calculated.

In the other case, Apple was ordered to pay $ 440 million VirnetX for similar infractions. Apple has appealed numerous times, but the appeals court has ruled in favor of VirnetX and Apple will have to pay that amount.

via MacRumors