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Apple meets with YouTubers for possible “iPhone 6s” campaign

After using photos and videos of “ordinary people” to star in the Clicked / Filmed campaign with iPhone 6, it seems that Apple will now run a campaign with some famous YouTubers out there.

Louis Cole (from channel FunForLouis) one of them. In a video published two weeks ago, Cole visited the Apple campus in Cupertino and made it clear that he is working with Apple on something that as usual cannot yet be released.

My bet? Apple really liked the experience of the Clicked / Filmed campaign with iPhone 6 and will use more or less the same device for the new iPhones that will arrive soon. What exactly will be done by anyone (apart from Apple and these YouTubers) knows, but taking into account the rumors that the new iPhones will have an iSight camera with an even larger sensor (12 megapixels) and a set of lens with 5 elements created specifically to take advantage of this (which should improve photos in poor lighting), it all makes a lot of sense.

We will also hope that the new iPhones come with new features in the front camera, after all, in this regard the competition is well ahead of Apple.

We will see what comes next

(via AppAdvice, Business Insider)