Apple falls slightly and takes fifth place in corporate reputation research; Samsung has plummeting drop

Apple meeting has board re-election, question about the “Apple Car” and privacy discussion

It took place yesterday, at Apple in Cupertino (California, United States), annual shareholders' meeting of the company with the participation of the CEO Tim Cook.

The meeting did not bring anything very extraordinary. Here are the main topics:

  • The entire Apple board of directors was re-elected: Arthur D. Levinson, James A. Bell, Tim Cook, Albert Gore Jr., Robert A. Iger, Andrea Jung, Ronald D. Sugar and Susan L. Wagner.
  • None of the four proposals registered by shareholders for this meeting has been approved. Among them was one that forced the company to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, as well as to close operations in countries that violate human rights.
  • Apple continues to increase dividends paid to shareholders, year by year.
  • Regarding Apple's battle with the FBI, Cook said it “does not scare” the company.
  • Asked by an investor about the rumors of an “Apple Car”, Cook gave a curious answer: “Remember when you were a child, and Christmas was so exciting, without you knowing what was going on down there? Well, it's still Christmas for quite a while. ” Not for less: rumors say that this vehicle, if it is even launched, will only arrive in 2019-20.
  • Still according to Cook, Apple has acquired 19 companies over the past 5 quarters, invested $ 8.5 billion in research and development, and now has 116,000 employees worldwide.
  • Present at the meeting, Rev. Jesse Jackson praised Apple for increasing the diversity of employees and its own executive team.

Now wait for Apple's first keynote in 2016, scheduled for March 15. 😊

(via USA TODAY, Re / code: 1, 2)