Apple may sell more than 700,000 iPads next month

Apple may sell more than 700,000 iPads next month

Coinciding with the international launch of the iPad in nine countries, Mike Abramsky, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, plotted a sales estimate for the product in June, which will be the first month that Apple will count them beyond the United States. For him, the number of tablets that will be distributed around the world is close to 700 thousand, exceeding the expectation of Mac performance in the same period.

iPad seen from below, lying and large

Abramsky says that the countries chosen by Apple to start international sales of its tablet are the strongest in which it operates, so there is no way to expect demand to be weak. With the hope that the company will sell 500,000 Macs in June, there is a small possibility that the iPad will surpass that number by 50% mainly because, in the United States, it is already selling its newest product at an average of almost two units to each computer.

If production difficulties are eliminated in a short time, Apple will be in a good position to sell 8.1 million iPad units by the end of the year. That would be more than twice as many iPhones sold during its first year on the market (2007).

(via AppleInsider)